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I Project Greenglow? Anti-Gravity?

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    I can't find any good sources on the science behind Project Greenglow. All the articles I see are full of fluff. Are they trying to divorce gravitational mass from inertial mass? i.e., trying to get more gravitational mass out of less inertial mass, or I should say more space-time curvature from less inertial mass?

    As far as I know, if you want to curve space-time as much as a star curves space-time, then you need the same mass/energy/density as a star. And we think rocket fuel is "heavy"....
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    Crackpot, crackpot, crackpot, ..... (sigh)

    It never ceases to amaze me how much crackpot rubbish can get funding if it holds the promise of something highly desirable (such as an anti-grav drive).
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    That was my gut reaction, too, but I wanted to be sure
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    There is nothing to discuss here, per PF rules.

    Thread closed.
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