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Project: Hand Crank Generator

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    Alright, so I am building a hand crank generator, and my goal is to replicate the K-tor pocket socket. http://www.k-tor.com/

    The goal is to power a universal powermat with the generator.

    I need to produce 10watts at 120volts, and my group is completely lost. If anyone could provide detailed instructions it would be very welcomed.
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    It's a good thing that you have a few PF posts under your belt -- this thread almost got deleted as spam! :tongue2:

    Since this is a school project, you need to do the bulk of the work on it. What can you tell us about generator assemblies in this power range? How will you regulate the AC output? Do you think it would be best to use an AC or DC generator?
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    Here's the thing, I posted this because we have no idea. I know it needs to have an AC converter if I use a DC motor, and we thought we should feed the energy to a capacitor, but we don't have enough hands on experience to know how to wire or produce the power. Also, we don't know if it's necessary to use a 120volt DC motor
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    This is not a simple project, so here is something that worked. This project used an electric motor to drive a motor as a generator.
    The motor was a Bodine model 5240. You will need this information to determine the speed to drive the motor/generator.
    The motor/generator was a Bodine motor type 3302.
    The maximum output was 17.3 watt 3 phase. You will only be using single phase so the maximum output will probably be only about 10 watt.
    A transformer was used to convert from the motor/generator output to 120 volt.

    Sounds like a fun project.
    Good Luck
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