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Homework Help: Project: Hawking Radiation

  1. Sep 27, 2005 #1
    I am currently taking Advanced Physics Topics class and am doing a research project on Hawking Radiation

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a free source I cold use that could explain the math behind the radiation a little better. I have looked on a few websites for information and have found many explanations of the radiation, but few that delve into its math. Wikipedia had a little basic info about the blackbody equations for temperature applied to a black hole and the powert of its radiation but I was looking for a source to show the derivation if it exists.

    Can anyone reccomned a book I could get at a library, or a good online source, or explain it to me on this forum if you had time?

    I have an ok understanding of the basic concepts behind the radiation but I want to have the math of the derivation to display as well, I wanted to work out the equations for a black hole about the size of one solar mass, and show its temperature and power of radiation and time untill evaporation
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    Thanks for the link, infact I had just found that site before reading your post
    I also have searched Arvix and found some articles to cite, but many are over my head yet some help out.
    I plan to post online my simplified derivation and explaniation of Hawking Radiation once I finish my project
    Still any books anyone knows of that explain this would be appreciated
    or link to online articles
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    I did a science project once that was about hawkings radiation. I found the wikipedia article(s) on it and its related topics to be very useful.
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