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  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    I have a science project. Its called the periodic table game.

    I decided to use a board off the internet and modify it to fit the game. I need 48 questions.
    I have 36. I have them in different catagorys. I need 4 catagorys.

    You can view them in the doc file.

    Can someone please help me with 12 more questions?

    I have also provided the picture of the gameboard, before modification.


    Ok, I decided to have:

    Periodic table
    Chemical bonds
    Chemical Symbols....

    These are the last 12 questions i added:

    Chemical Symbol

    1. Cu
    Answer: Copper

    2. Ne
    Answer: Neon

    3. F
    Answer: Flourine

    4. Ir
    Answer: Iridium

    5. Ba
    Answer: Barium

    6. Arsenic
    Answer: As

    7. Nickel
    Answer: Ni

    8 Lithium
    Answer: Li

    9. Krypton
    Answer: Kr

    10. Silicon
    Answer: Si

    11. Sodium
    Answer: Na

    12. Molybdenum
    Answer: Mo

    can anyone give comments?

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