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Does anyone have an idea of an innovation i could design to assist astronauts in the contruction of a space station? I really have no ideas, and am looking for something simple but really clever and effective. Help will be extremely appreciated :smile:
What kind of assistance do the need exactly? Or, what the are doing on that space station anyway?
I think if you read about what they are doing (i.e. from NASA site), and what kind of problems they have, you can have some idea how to make their life easier.


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Right off the top of my head, I can't think of anything to design that I wouldn't bother to design myself and thus keep the patent rights. As a general rule, anything that maximizes the efficiency of bottled air or propulsion devices or heat management would be more than welcome. A good prophylactic against space-sickness wouldn't hurt either, since most people in microgravity will experience it to some extent.

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