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Project Idea

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    This project is for a grade 12 chemistry course. We're a group of three. We basically have not the slightest clue on what to do our project on... This cummulative performance task will include an extensive literature search and hands-on design. The work should be based on one of the following three types of innovation:

    1. New Product Development
    -A completely new invention
    2. Product Change
    -Modification made to existing products and processes that chould involve any of the following:
    -Identify a short-coming in a product and solve it
    -Modify the product to meet new demands
    -Extend the application of the product
    3.Process Development
    -Modifications to existingp proceduress, methods, production schedules, etc
    -Increasing energy efficiency, product yield and purity, reducing or isolating wastes, etc

    The following industries can be chosen as the them of the project:
    -Food, beverages
    -Herbicides, pesticides
    -Construction products
    -Fuels, energy alternatives
    -Paper and lumber
    -Recylcling, recovery of materials
    -Packaging and wraps

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    We cannot help you pick, that is your decision.

    Does one have to pick a product and apply all three areas:
    1. New Product Development
    2. Product Change
    3. Process Development

    Or does one pick either 1 or 2 and 3?

    Normally a new product or product change requires a process change, somewhere, even if it is just one step.
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    Only one of the three...

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    We partially came up with an idea. I'd like you know what you guys think of it, if it is at all substantial in potency, and if it can be done.

    Basically we want to make modifications to soaps. Soaps are generally made by a chemical reaction combining fatty acids (glycerine) and water with lye dissolved in it. We know that commercial soaps contain an additive called sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). This is a detergent and a surfacant. SLES has negative health implications and it can be harmful. Our idea is to make soaps without SLES; by repacing something else that acts as a detergent and a surfacant.

    Any feedback would be immensely appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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