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Homework Help: Project Ideas

  1. May 10, 2009 #1
    This is a bit different kind of help that I need compared to most other threads in this forum. I was not sure of where exactly to post this. But, since it is pretty much homework, and it's for my AP Calculus AB course, I thought this would be an appropriate place to put this thread. If not, could a moderator please tell me where a proper location would be?

    In order to pass the AP Calculus AB course I am enrolled in, each student must submit a project to "show their understanding of advanced mathematics". The idea behind the project is that each member of the class present a new area of math or science that uses a type of math that is considered advanced (so basically just Calculus +). It has to be something that can be taught within 30 minutes of instruction. And, that is the only restriction, basically. To give you guys an idea of the topics discussed in our class to this point, this is an appropriate list of things we have covered:
    -derivatives of all non-polar, real-number functions
    -integration (definite and indefinite; by parts and substitution; reimann sums)
    -slope fields
    -applications of differentiation (related rates; optimization)
    -applications of integration (volume by slicing; disk/washer method; shell method; arc length)

    So, with that in mind, ideally, I want a topic that is advanced enough to fulfill the requirements, but not advanced enough to derail the class and confuse half of the people. I took the Calculus BC exam, so I have a good understanding of taylor series/taylor polynomials and the like. I look forward towards hearing your ideas and suggestions.
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