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Aerospace Project ideas

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    Im currently studying aeronautical engineering at college and needed some ideas for projects and whether they would be pliable or not
    My current idea:
    A replica of hero's engine to show the basic principles of jet propulsion but to spice the idea up a little bit, i was thinking about turning it on its end and attaching multiple aerofoils to the top surface and see if it would take to the air.
    any advice on materials and such would be greatly appreciated or any ideas for other projects my time frame for this is about 3 months work from 9-4 in the workshop monday to friday.

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    You want to build a rocket that can lift off but has no controls?

    EDIT: If you want to do something with rockets. You could build a rocket, a contraption to hold it in place and perhaps allow it to pivot about it's center of mass, and play around with thrust vectoring.
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    The problem is the idea has to be based around hero's engine and use steam for it to be worth anything the problem is I'd have to find materials that are able to be pressurised and light but yes it doesn't need controls just the ability to lift off and land preferably vertically so maybe some sort of cable attached not sure at the moment though.
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    Hi Guy

    im in my final year of study, and i was asked to select a project. i am intersted in doing a project related to aerospace and these are some topics im thinking of, which project will be useful for me :

    1) Irreversible Thermodynamics in Magnetic Propulsion
    2) Nuclear propulsion
    3) NanoFluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
    4)Research in Hypersonic Flow on the SR-71 Blackbird
    5) Electromagnetic Propulsion

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    I hope those ideas are all theory based...I don't see any of them being cheap or plausible within a semester! And I don't know how happy the Gov when you ask for nuclear material lol.
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    lool yh they all reserach based project, but i dnt no which one will be a good project that will stand out if i go for a job interview
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    Dont do a project that is way off the scale, choice something that you can put all your effort into and dont get board of too easy.
    A good project would be stalling characteristics of the different types of wing platforms.

    I recently done a design and analysis project got allot out of it.
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