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Aerospace Project on AEROSPIKE NOZZLE

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    i am a graduate student. i am planning a project on aerospike nozzle. if any body has any information on it please share it with me
    you can reply here or pm me.
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    What can you tell us about them? We do not do your homework or projects for you.
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    A grad student asking for project info on a board? Oh boy.
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    this project is about making a aerospike nozzle.
    it may be a common project for you guys .but in my country we dont have sophisticated machines to it .all manufacturing is done by engine lathe by hands only.

    hence i need help from those guys who have done this before.i want to know where we can get a simulator for these type of nozzle.
    i have searched gogle but there is not much on it.
    i am a mechanical eng. student hence this concept is very new for me.
    whoever has done this project before please contact me.
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    i think there is some some confusion which i want to clear.i am in final year mechanical eng in btech .its an undergraduate course.
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