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Project Please Review

  1. May 9, 2004 #1
    I never really post my stuff but you guys seem like a good group.

    First I will explain what project consists of and then I will post the project.

    Well we have to present in a group to the class as though we were a Newscast studio or something.. just give news like they do in cnn or any other news channel.

    We have to cover biology and my topic includes "Chemistry of Life"... so I am basically going to cover DNA replication, translation and transcription.... that should be enough I think.

    I think my "news" language is not very good and my project doesnt seem very complete. Please make any comments and suggestions, thanks.
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    Actual Presentation

    OTHER1: And now to some unfortunate news regarding health.
    ME: In today’s special celebrity report we meet with mutation. Unfortunately Marylin Mansons new born has been identified with an unknown mutation.

    It almost seems unfair that with over 14 years of having several institutions concentrate on research regarding alleles, hardly 70% of disease alleles are believed to have been identified.

    ME: Mutation is a term used very loosely lately but mutation really is the change in the genetic code of DNA.

    Me: The thing about mutation that is sad is that a simple error in the replication of DNA can lead to a serious problem.

    Even though no one would really like to go through this type of experience, it brings up the question of whether we will ever be able to develop an effective solution and cure for all mutations.
    An actual system of DNA repairing already exists, and it consists of cells doing the actual reparation. DNA is the only known macromolecule that can be repaired by cells. Examples of this type of reparation include reversal and removal.

    The problem with fixing mutation is that if the natural way does not work, there is very few cases were mutation can be reversed by humans.
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    Now... I am not sure where I should add the part regarding the DNA replication and how it would lead into a mutation... I want to make this so it doenst really specify what nucleotide got mixed up since it is supposed to be an unknown mutation....

    I also want to add interaction with the other people in my group but not TOO MUCH.. it is not really necessary but it might help.
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    What type of mutation do you want to talk about? Ones already present in the genome and passed on the the next generation (thus present in every cell in the body) or mutations that get introduced later in life (thus leading to cancer)?

    The DNA repair would apply to cancer, but not to the mutant alles present in a population.

    Saying that the newborn baby was identified with a mutation is a very broad discription, we ALL have 1.8 million (http://snp.cshl.org/) mutations (variations) in our genome, most of those don't cause disease though. I'd refer to it as a gene mutation.

    And if you want it the mutation to be unknown, how do you know there was a mutation?
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    Instead of using unknown mutation, you could use the term uncharacterized mutation. It would fit better since you known there is a mutation but it was probably never observed before.
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    yeah I want a gene mutation... and uncharacterized seems to work heh.. thanks.. now where would be the best place to talk about how DNA replicates and how there are chances for the mucation to happen in this phase...
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