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Project that involves physics

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    this summer i would like to do some sort of project that involves physics. does anyone have any suggestions? please keep in mind that i am a beginger physicest hopeful and also a high school student.
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    http://www4.umdnj.edu/camlbweb/scifair.html [Broken]

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    Tom Mattson

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    Mousetrap Car (Design a car powered by a mousetrap.)
    Egg Drop (Design a container so that an egg can withstand a drop.)
    Basic Theremodynamics
    Basic Optics (You may need to use equipment at your high school or a local college.)
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    Let's solve a couple of problems at the same time here. Throw an ant off of the Empire State Building and see if it survives. (You might want to check with the stuntman's guild first to see if the ant needs union status.) :biggrin:
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    Danger and I have been having some good natured fun with each other in the thread "Woud an ant die if dropped off the ESB." We may not have killed the ant, but have done a pretty good job on the changing the thread, if not killing it. However, be that as it may, I direct your attention to post 14 of that thread (and those related) for another interesting physics project - "how to walk on water" (actually running is required)

    Danger is both too old and too cold to do it. I am just too old. If you are young, strong and not too fat, give it a spin (or should i say splash) and let us know the results. (If you drown, sue Danger. He is the one who initially inferred he could walk on water.) :tongue2:
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    I can walk on water just about any time, because around here it's bloody frozen most of the year! I'm on my way to work now, and have 5cm of snow to walk through. 'Summer' my arse. :grumpy:
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