Project to build a solenoid

  1. I need to project a solenoid. But i have some questions:
    - How much need to be thick enamelled copper? How i can calculate the thickness necessary? (to not burn solenoid wire)
    - Will be good enamelled alluminium too?
    This if i suppose to power it with 10A, 2000turns.
    - How i can power the coil?(where i can find or build a generator to give me 10A costant current?)
    - How i can build a generator(or multiple generators) to power multiple solenoids with this high current?
    - Where i can find or buy a good plunger, it need to be magnetic or metal(what type of metal)? With full core?

    Thank you.
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  3. Also:
    - How much frame influence the magnetic flux? I need to connect it to ground or an end wire of the coil?

    Permalloy is a good material to have a high speed(50-100hz) and high force(10N-40N)?
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  4. mfb

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    Why do you want to build a solenoid?

    10 A is well in the range of commercial power supplies, assuming your coil resistance is reasonable (that will influce your thermal load as well). Why 10 A?
  5. mfb

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    To do what?
  6. A project, i need to move weights of 150 g within 50ms at 20hz. I need something like how to start project a solenoid, from specifics i need of solenoid to better wire type to power it. What i find is only solenoid physics theory but it is useless if i want to built one.
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