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Projectail Motion help

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    Someone please help me, I need help I'm writing program that graphs a baseball that has been hit with inital velocity 110 mph as an angle 45 degrees with a wind of 40 to -40 mph. All I really need is the equation of motion for a baseball with with this head or tail wind please please someone help me.

    I know from my physics book that the acceration in the y-direction is a=g-(air drag) v^2. I have the value of the air drag but how do I find the accerlation the the x-direction. I'm assuming that the wind is acting in that direction.

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    I have no idea about quantifying miles because im an aussie and we use metres and im 18 so i wasnt around when they had miles...

    in the x direction you have an initial velocity of 110*cos45 essentially the only thing that will stop it in terms of x wil be drag so (110cos45) - air drag will be x (assuming you have a formula for air drag in terms of distance or time)... the y component will be 110*sin45 - g the problem is if your gonna modle the tagectory you need something in terms of time. i dunno exactly coz you havnt given much info... hope it helps
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