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Homework Help: Projectile explodes at peak where will it fall?

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    There is a projectile that explodes into equal mass fragments at its highest point. One falls vertically with initial speed. I need to find where the other will strike the ground and the energy released during the explosion.

    I am given the mass(19.6kg), angle (56 degress), initial velocity(79.0m/s), and g (9.8m/s^2).

    I know i need to use center of mass somehow but I really do not know how to go about solving this and could use some help.
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    is this a projectile which was shot at an angle of 56 degrees with velocity 79m/s and then exploded at the highest point??

    In that case you can use conservation of momentum for this one fragment that bursted into two with one going down and the other going off at an angle.

    Draw a diagram of this and figure it out
    The momentum is conserved only for the initial moments so eveything you calculate is the instantaneous (at the highest point) velocity. Thereafter you can calculate parts of the second piece that went at the angle upward
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