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Projectile formula for a golf ball

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    I am a golf club builder here in Fort Worth. I recently bought a Vector Launch Monitor, www.accusport.com, which has a high speed camera hooked to a laptop with software that allows me to capture the golf ball speed, club head speed, launch angle of the golf ball, rpm of back spin and rpm of side spin. I get real time output with each shot measured plus an accumulated average. It also calculates distance of each shot.

    This is all based on projectile physics but my knowledge base ends there. Since I am getting real time data what I would like to add to the process is a "what if" formula that lets me enter in the club head speed, launch angle, back spin and then make adjustments to one of these variables so that I can demonstrate what could be the optimum variables for best shot distance for any golfer. There are other variables that the launch monitor does not capture but I have access to such as club head mass (cc's), weight of the club and weight of the golf ball.

    It there a formula that I can use that I can plug into and Excel formula or write a VB app that would allow me to plug in the variables and get an answer it would be great.

    Thank you for any help or guidance you can give me.

    Stratman :smile:
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    The accusport web site you gave seems to say that the Vector Launch Monitor comes with the kind of software you're describing. What is that you want to do that it doesn't do?
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