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Homework Help: Projectile Help

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    For a physichs project I had to build a trebuchet. I measured how for it shot, and how long it took. After some calculations I got:
    Vi in the X= 6.258
    VI in the y= 6.64
    Accel in X= 0
    Accel in Y= -9.8
    Distance in the X= 4.8
    Distance in the Y= 2.25
    Time in the X= 1.36
    Time In the Y= .68

    Now after that I am supposed to pick different points on the arc and measure the Velocity in the Y and X. Im not sure what distance to use? For instance if I wanted to measure the velocity at .1 seconds in the arc on the X and Y, what would I use?
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    Someone Please Help Me. I can only stay online another 40 minutes, and I need this done tonight.
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    The velocity versus time relationships are:

    [tex]v_{x} = v_{0}\cos\alpha[/tex]
    [tex]v_{y} = v_{0}\sin\alpha - gt[/tex]

    In your case.

    [tex]v_{i,x} = v_{0}\cos\alpha[/tex]
    [tex]v_{i,y} = v_{0}\sin\alpha[/tex]
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    velocity at any point = vi+at
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