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Projectile lauched to the east of the earth has a reach R

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    I am told that a projectile lauched to the east of the earth has a reach R. Is this the measure of the arc or of the chord joining the point of lauch and the point of fall ???
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    It's the measure of the arc,or if u prefer fancy words,the lengh of the geodesic curve pasing through the 2 points...

    However,the projectile's trajectory is not parabolic,as i hope you know...The projection of this curve onto the surface of the earth should match the geodesical curve.

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    Does it match exactly? I've heard that with the advent of truly long-range (long-range by modern standards) ballistic munitions, it became important to replace the classic image of the parabolic trajectory, and use the ellipse-segment to plot the firing solution, otherwise you miss the target. Does anyone know if that's true?
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