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Homework Help: Projectile motion golf ball question

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    If the initial velocity of a golf ball is 30.3 m/s off the club face, and the tee box is at the same height as the green, what is the longest shot possible?
    (not inlcuding roll)
    i have no clue where to start please help?
    all that i know is initial velocity and accelration due to gravity, so how do i solve?
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    This is a good bit of information to learn: for the maximum projectile distance, it needs to be launched at 45 degrees. Can you take it from there?
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    For maximum distance with negligible air resistance, the best launch angle is 45 degrees. break down your [itex] \vec{v_0} [/tex] vector into vertical and horizontal, and find the flight time to find the flight distance. For roll, you'll need a friction coefficient on the green/rough to see how far it will roll.
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    ahh, it nefver said in my book that max proj is 45 degrees, now i think i can do it
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