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Projectile Motion Help!

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    Hi im doing Projectile Motion questions can you please help me, The Activity is on this website here

    The question are these

    Set velocity to 40 m/s and angel to 20° and gravity to -9.8 and uncheck the drag box check mark.

    1) What is the horizontal distance the cannon travels ----> I get 170 meters is that correct

    2) Calculate the vertical velocity (V y-axis) of the ball. show the trig steps
    -----> I get 13.7 meters is that correct

    3) Calculate the howizontal velocity (V x-axis) of the ball. show the trig steps
    -----> I get 37.6 meters is that correct

    4) Determine the amount of time the ball is in the air
    -----> I get 20.7 seconds and I koe its wrong can you please help me

    5) If the cannon is 1 m long, and the cannon ball has a mass of 15 kg, what is the force of the gunpowder on the cannon ball

    -----> ok? how do i DO this please help and check my answers if they are right
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    Do you have any equations of motion you are suppose to use? What have you tried?
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    like sin, or cos for determing the vix and viy and w/e
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