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Projectile motion problem

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    I need help with a projectile motion problem I'm working on. I completed the problem, but I'm not sure if I got it right and there's no one that I can confirm my answer with... except you guys :smile:

    A ball is thrown at an angle of 37.1* above the horizontal from a point on the top of a building and 60 m from the edge of the building. It just misses the edge of th embuilding and continues towards the ground. The building is 50 m high. At what speed was the ball thrown and how far from the vertical wall of the building does the ball land?

    My answer for the speed that it was thrown at is 31.2 m/s and I said that it landed 46.9 m away from the building.

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    Well its always best to post your work, as no one wants to redo the problem but are happy to look over what yu have done.
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