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Homework Help: Projectile Motion Question

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    Captain Jack Sparrow shoots a cannonball at the black pearl which is located off the cliff that is 100m high. The cannon ball leaves the cannon at 50m/s at 30° to the horizon and hits the Black Pear(the ship) directly.
    How far is the Black Pearl(the ship) from the cliff?

    Please help thanks.
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    Here's a picture:

    So from that you can use this equation to solve:
    Delta y is the change in the y which is y2-y1 meaning the change in y will be -100 (NEGATIVE)

    Edit: I forgot you need to find the x and y components:
    v cos (theta) = Vx
    V sin (theta) = Vy - You need this 1, other is just for extra practice or w/e. (for this problem)
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