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Homework Help: Projectile motion questions help! please

  1. Sep 17, 2008 #1
    Hi, got these as bonus questions but im having a lot of trouble with answering them, so...

    Can anyone help me with these 2?

    *Neglecting any air resistance*

    1) A body is projected at an angle such that the horizontal range is equal to three times the greatest height. find the angle of projection.

    2) A helicopter resting on ground starts to accelerate uniformly upwards. After 30s a flare was fired horizontally from the helicopter. 10s later, the flare reached the ground. (g = 9.81m/s^2).

    a)Acceleration of helicopter
    b)Height from which flare was fired
    c)Height of helicopter the instant flare reaches ground (assuming it continued its constant acceleration after flare was fired)

    Thank you so much to whoever answers this.

    p.s. they are not supposed to be number answers, variable (i dont think theres any other way)
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    Hi ado21,

    You must show what work you've done to solve the questions. We help with homework, we don't do it for you.
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