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Homework Help: Projectile Motion

  1. Sep 8, 2010 #1

    it should say "show that the" NOT "sow that the"

    The horizontal velocity is 33.97 m/s. (34 m/s)
    Why do I use this value to calculate time to travel from C to G and not the initial 42 m/s.
    Is it because the 33.97 m/s value is constant throughout the entire journey of the ball, BUT the 42 m/s value is only true for my initial and final velocity. In between, however, the value 42 m/s is different. This is true because the combined horizontal velocity and vertical velocity will change as the vertical velocity is affected by acceleration / deceleration (and time)
    The correct calculation is: 170/34 = 5

    Am i correct?
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    Doc Al

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    Yes, you are correct.
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