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Projectile physics lab

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    In my lab for physics we are given a ramp, some text books, and a marble. The objective of the lab is to make the marble go through two hoops (the hoops are about an inch and a half wide, the marble is about 3/4ths of an inch). Our teacher is going to give us either a specific distance from the table, or a height from the ground for the hoops. I have to do a pre-lab saying what procedure we will do in order to figure out how to make the marble go through both hoops. I sort of have an idea of what to do, but it would great if someone could just verify and explain the procedure we need to do in order to accomplish this! Thanks guys(:
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    Could you please sketch first, how this is to be orchestrated? Is the marble to travel through the hoops? Or on them? do they form the track, or are they suspended in air?
    Clarify that, and we'll get you going,
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    I already figured it out! But thanks anyway, Daniel(:
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