Projectile Problem

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    Hi to all guys i am not good in physics and trigonometric I tried to do a projectile system.My launch point is higher than target point.I know the velocity v, target_distance d, gravity g,Launch_height_y y0.I added a image that shows the equation.I tried my own but not solved the equation.Please some one help me

    d = 30,v = 22 , g = 9.8 ,y0 = 2

    I wants to find the theta(angle)

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  3. Not sure how you got the equation but ut would be best to analyse along the independent x- and y-axes.One is accelerated and other is simple non-accelerated one.
  4. Of course it is right. What I meant was analysis along x- and y-axes separately is much simpler(that's how they got the formula).
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