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Projectile Problem

  1. Jul 12, 2015 #1
    The following graph (ATTACHED) represents the horizontal velocity component (Vx) verses time for a projectile thrown horizontally off a cliff. (Ignored Air resistance) .
    But I thought that graph will be a 45 degree slope straight line , because Horizontal component of velocity of projectile remains constant because there is no acceleration in horizontal direction , then why graph is like that any idea please ? Thanks

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    Doc Al

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    Looks like the axes are mislabeled as Vy versus Vx. It should be Vx versus time. Because Vx is constant the graph will be a horizontal line, as shown.
  4. Jul 12, 2015 #3
    ops sorry , it is VX versus time , yes now explain how graph is horizontal line ?
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    In this graph of Vx vs time, Vx is along y-axis and t is along x-axis, now the y axis is cut on only one point, this signifies that its value will remain constant or same(equal to y coordinate of that point) even if time is increasing. Thats why it is represented as a horizontal line parallel to time axis. The graph line is increasing along the time axis only(horizontally) there is no vertical displacement in the graph line which signifies as time increases the y coordinate i.e Vx is same.
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