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Projectiles r = (22sin(x) x 11cos(x))/9.8

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    Well, its a debate about whats the best angle to fire a projectile to achieve maximum range.

    using the formulae i found

    r = (22sin(x) x 11cos(x))/9.8
    where x is the angle, 45 gets the most range. But some people say 61 degrees is

    using that formulae and ignoring air resistance 61 achives less range than 45.

    Air resistance changes the range, yes, but it changes it for all angles.

    Is 61 somehow the better angle for air resistance?
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    Assuming no air resistance, the angle for greatest distance is 45 degrees.

    Assuming air resistance, the greater the air resistance, the lower you should bring the angle so that the time in the air is minimal.

    For air resistance, the angle should be lower than 45 not higher.
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