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Homework Help: Projectile's Theory Questions

  1. Sep 10, 2011 #1
    My physics teacher last year did not teach us anything about projectiles i had to learn everything by reading from textbooks. I tried finding the answers to these questions but couldn't think of anything so if some1 could please help me and explain the why behind the answer.

    A.) For a projectile with the launch point lower than the landing point, in what part of the flight is the magnitude of the velocity at a maximum? a minimum?

    B.) In what part of the flight is the magnitude of the velocity at a maximum and in what part is it at a minimum, for a projectile with launch point higher than the landing point?
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    Another name for "magnitude of velocity" is speed. As the projectile is rising, is its speed increasing or decreasing? After the projectile reaches maximum height and starts coming down, is its speed increasing or decreasing?

    Answer these questions and you will see how to answer A and B.
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    Since it is high school physics, are you assuming there is no air resistance due to drag on the projectile?
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    yes we'r ignoring air resistance and hmm it makes a lot more sense now LOL man my brain works slow.. =| thnx a lot :-)
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