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Projector design

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    I have to find a basic design which includes a device for a raising a slide projector to the proper angle for projection on screen.It may be part of the original projector or an accessory to be attached to existing projectors. If you help me finding it i will be grateful because i could not finf on the internet.
    I am responsible for a design only about lifting up and turning mechanism and there is no limitation about them.I have to find some mechanisms' pictures and choose one of them then draw it to the paper. if you can give me a link i which includes photos i can copy it to the paper then draw it.
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    You need to define the particulars of what you are looking for.

    What height do you need to raise it? What angle does the adjustment need to cover, etc...

    The design could be as simple as adding 4 threaded holes in the bottom of the projector for 4 adjustable feet.
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    Might I recommend a fine collection of classic literature to stick under the front of the thing?:biggrin:
    If you mean a mechanical system (which is indicated by your wording), I personally have a penchant for lead-screws (also called screw-jacks). Your limit switch could be something as simple as a mercury switch or a conductive pendulum if only one angle is required.
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    I just had another thought, if you want to go the cheap way. I collect typewriters and VCR's in non-functional condition because they have such useful parts for building other things. It occurs to me that the elevator table from a front-loading VCR might do exactly what you want, as long as you modify the limit-switch to stop it at the proper position.
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