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Pronounce synecdoche

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    I'm looking at synecdoche like "sinneck-douche," but I'm guessing that's not how you say it.
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    I believe it's "syn-eck-duh-kee".
    That word just came up in APE a couple days ago, actually.
    Coincidental timing! :)
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    You have the sinneck part right. Si like in the word sin, and the neck like...neck. However the second part is pronounced ducky (...the animal...).


    or you could write it like this I suppose...

    sinneck-duh key
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    So when do you plan on going to NY??:biggrin:


    http://www.reference.com/browse/all/synecdoche [Broken]
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    Chi Meson

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    You mean Skinecktec.. Scennecktad...Skenechd...

    That place north of NYC?
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