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Pronunciation of a Summation

  1. Jun 22, 2009 #1
    How would you say this in words?

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    "The sum, as n ranges from 1 to 24, of 2n-1".
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    I just see "attachments pending approval", but from what hallsoflvy said, I think you could also say

    "the sum from n equals 1 to 24 of 2n-1"
    "the sum of 2n-1 from n=1 to 24"

    or since n is the only variable:
    "the sum of 2n-1 from 1 to 24"
    "the sum from 1 to 24 of 2n-1"
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    Wouldn't get too caught up in the notation as long as you know what it means, then you're fine.
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    Right, this is probably what I'd say since there's just one variable.
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