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Proof of divisibility(9)

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    Question - A proof of divisibility by the number 9 with a assumed number. The aim is to prove two assertions state within divisibility rule of 9 -
    1. the sum of the digits of the number should be divisible by 9 and vice-versa

    Let the number be N
    N=a0a1a2a3..........an-1an (They do not represent the product but denotes the digits)
    As in decimal number system -
    N = an.10n+an-1.10n-1+......+a2.102+a1.n1
    Where 10n = 9999.....9(n times)+1, and [itex]n\geq1[/itex]
    N= [an.99999....9(n times)+an-1.99....9(n-1 times)+.....+a2.99+a1.9]+(a0+a1+a2+a3+..........+an-1+an)

    The first summand is definitely divisible by 9 but i am stuck over here to prove the remaining assertions, either verbally or i'm missing some computation too.
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    What happened to [itex]a_0\,[/itex] here?

    Is N a number divisible by 9? What direction are you trying to prove? You must be clearer.

    You can try the following. Provide details:

    === Suppose N is a natural number divisible by 9. We must prove the final sum of its digits is 9.

    So we can write [itex]\,\,N=9k\,\,,\,\,k\in\mathbb{N}\,\,[/itex] and induction of k: for k=1 this is clear, so assume for k and let us prove for k+1:

    [itex]9(k+1)=9k+9\,\,[/itex] , and now you've the easy task to show that if the final sum of the digits of a numer is 9, then the same is true for the number + 9.

    === Suppose now N is a number s.t. that the final sum of its digits is 9. You must show N is a multiple of 9.

    Now write [itex]\,\,N=a_0+a_1\cdot 10+...+a_n\cdot 10^n\,\,so\,\,F(a_0+a_1+...+a_n)=9\,\,[/itex] , with the F indicating the final digit sum, and now write [tex]N=a_0+a_1(9+1)+a_2(99+1)+...+a_n((10^n-1) +1)[/tex] Continue from here, proving first that for any [itex]\,\,n\in\mathbb{N}\cup\{0\}\,\,,\,\,10^n-1\,\,[/itex] is a multiple of 9.

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