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Proof of Liouville's Theorem +

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    I'm asked to use Rouche's Theorem to prove Liouville's - I really don't have much of a clue as proofs are not my strong suit.

    Next up: Find the max and min of abs(f(z)) over the unit disk where f(z) = z^2 - 2

    Do I use the maximum modulus theorem?

    Lastly I'm given epsilon>0 and the set e^(1/z) where 0<abs(z)<epsilon. This set is equal to the entire complex plane minus 0 as e^(1/z) cannot take on that value. The question is: What can I say about the set? Besides the fact that it cannot be 0 I'm out of ideas.

    Thanks as always

    Edit: One final question
    I'm give that f(1) = 1, f(-1) = i and f(-i) = 1. I need to find a Mobius transformation.

    I believe I need to use the cross ratio - but the problem is that Mobius transformations should send something to 0, 1 and infinity (which this one does not) how can I get around this issue?
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    Is this homework? As if it is it's in the wrong forum.
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