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Proof of mass dilation

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    Hi All,

    I looking for some sort of experimental proof of mass dilation. As I understand it electrons passing through early vacum tubes were said to under go MD. And particle accerators also have to factor it in when the particles reach high percentages of the speed of light. The problem is I can't really find specific examples, I'm only finding references to the effect, no real data. Does any one know of an example that can be accessed through the web.

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    mass dilation

    Go on google and give it to look for
    the kaufmann experiment
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    All high energy particle accelerators take the mass change into account. The particles are going very close to the speed of light, thus acceleration increases mass not speed.
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    Mass Dilation

    I need to find an experiment that has been performed that demonstrates mass dilation in special relativity. Could you tell me someone who has done an experiment as such. I need to detail who, where, when, what, results etc. of it. I havn't been able to really find anything, just some sites that talk about it no proof.
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    I would think that he too is writing the assessments at the moment.
    Thankyou for your help, I'm slowly starting to find some info, but it is not easy.

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    Yes! I am also after the same answer and its for an assessment that's due tomorrow!...
    BTW...peyo, if i am any help i did indeed find a good journal...
    Hope it helps :)

    Electromagnetic mass, relativity, and the Kaufmann experiments
    American Journal of Physics, Volume 49, Issue 12, pp. 1133-1149 (1981). Available at: <http://scitation.aip.org.ezproxy.uws.edu.au/getpdf/servlet/GetPDFServlet?filetype=pdf&id=AJPIAS000049000012001133000001&idtype=cvips>
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    It's really killing me this question. Thanks for the link, but it requires a password:( I'm starting to think that this is a game of chinese wispers. Some body told some body that there was once and experiment that proved mass dilation, and slowly it has become fact. There is countless mention of its effects within particle accelerators and such, but to actulally find a single piece of real data on this has eluded me for more than five days.
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    Oh I'm really sorry about that...here some help...Some info I found:

    Walter Kaufmann performed an experiment between 1901-1905 to measure the variation of charged to mass ratio of electron.

    The apparatus used by Kaufmann was almost always the same in design, little change was made over years. A vacuum chamber in a cylindrical shape contained quartz insulators which separated the pair of vertical condenser plates. Radium chloride was used to produce high speed of beta rays. Passing Voltage across the condenser produced an electric filed.

    Kaufmann discovered that the charge of electron does not change with velocity. Decrease in the ratio of the charge and the velocity of electron relates to the increase in mass of electron. Originally these data were understood as supporting Abraham's classical model of electron, while providing evidence against SRT.
    1906-1907 however, following Planck's review of Kaufmann's 1905 data, these experiments develop into evidencing slightly to support of relativity over classical models of the electron.

    The source of this information is same as the one I gave earlier....

    Hope this time I DID help :D
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    HEy man, totally what I wrote as well!!:rofl:
    Also threw in some info about experiments using teltron tubes, they measrure an electrons energy-to-mass ratio. As the electron increases in % of c then it gets heavier-decreasing the e/m ratio, which can only happen if mass increases. Thought that it might help my cause a little. Good luck with it. If you want to stay in touch, it never hurts to throw around ideas, you can contact me at


    I'm in Germany, I'm studying buy corospondense, but I'm pretty active as an internet user so reply wont take that long.

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