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Proof of nasas incompetence

  1. Nov 20, 2003 #1

    in this article you can see how a nasa site says that is possible to leave a foot print in thin dust

    i tried it first with talcum succeding in leaving a print but then learnt that talcum has some water

    then try it with cigarete ashes and no clear print left

    i really expect the scientific of the nasa who made up this stupid thin dust print theory to be fired because of taking us for retards,of course as well as to fire the person who hired the smart ass scientific and the person who hired the person who hired... and so on

    couldnt they just say that in the moon theres some water what is a known fact or may be better couldnt they just tell the plain truth i dont think anybody would get more scare than when seing the sad normal news
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    Uh, yeah. *backs away slowly*

    - Warren
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    The dust on the moon is something like 1/4" thick.
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    Why don't you send a copy of your findings to the "scientific of the nasa?" Those bastard scientifics have it coming, that's for sure. Why don't you show 'em what happens they take -- *ahem* mistake -- you for a retard?

    - Warren
  6. Nov 21, 2003 #5
    That was a great site, though somehow the fact that it disproves what sea_wizard is saying got past him. Did you read the whole site? I just did and the fact that scientists shoot lasers at the moon at the correct time and it actually bounces back should be proof enough. You don't think that there are mirrors up there naturally do you?
    Did any of you read the news setion? It was hilarious! I like that parts with '30 year supply of donuts' and 'buy Canada and take over the world'. The part describing the head of NASA was good too. LOL!
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    Ya know, I've seen few better examples of a person with almost no education (in a particular field) try to prove a pet theory, using ignorance.

    Try the same experiment with calcined clay or calcined talc (the mineral is talc, the commercial powder is usually called talcum powder). Calcining either of the above minerals will remove all water and will show you that you could, indeed, make a foot print in them. Anyone that's done enough camping would also be able to testify that footprints are easy to make in hardwood ash. Of course, this would not support your pet odd-balled theory, so I am sure you won't try it or accept it as true.
  8. Nov 22, 2003 #7
    That didn't occur to me. But now that you mention that, it seems to me to be true. If the ash is still hot so as to have almost no water, and esp. if you are in a dry environment, and you then step (quickly ) down on the ash, I think it would easily make a footprint. Why didn't I think of that and post it first? I kept thinking of flour, but I would guess that flour has a little moisture in it, though I don't know why I think that, it just seems that way. You'd think that if there was any moisture in flour that it would go bad faster. I don't know.
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