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Homework Help: Proof stress of Tool Steel

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    Hi people
    need help on finding the proof stress of tool steel after heat treatment can't seem to get it

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    Please guys struggling on were the .2% proof stress goes
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    Is this homework?

    One has a load-extension or rather a load-displacement curve, and one needs to plot a stress (a function of load/force and cross-sectional area) and strain (related to the extension/displacement).

    What does one know about the definition of proof stress?
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    Proof stress is .2% of the original cross sectional area, then measure line out of the 0.2% strain parallel to the stress/strain line until it hits the stress/strain curve. I think thats what it means but I can't see a curve on the stress/strain line I don't what really to do.

    Yeah its homework lol
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    One has to transform the load to stress, and the extension to strain.

    What is the significance of the specimen showing extension without load increase?
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    i figure it out there is no proof stress due to no curve to you just use the UTS thanks for the help
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