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Homework Help: Proofs (Logarithm)

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    Got no clue .. need some clues :surprised

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    ok i figured out 1.. bu still no clue as to .2 !
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    How can you expect people to help you if you don't tell them what the problem is?

    In your pdf attachment (7) says "loga xy= y loga x". That is an equation, not a "problem". What are you to do with the that equation?

    (2) says "[itex] x\in [-1, 1] cos(arcsin x)= sin(arccos x)"
    Again, that is an equation. What are you to do with it.
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    I had to prove the equation, but I figured it out.

    Same for 2, I need to prove the equation and not just asume that it exists!
    That one I couldnt prove..
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    Number 1 was just the power rule. Number 2 I don't know either sorry.
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