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Prooving Bravais' 14 lattices

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    Anyone who can tell me how to proove that there consists exactly 14 Bravais lattices or can point me to a reference where this is prooven?


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    Not a proof, but you may enjoy Nussbaum's "The mystery of the fifteenth Bravais lattice," Am J Phys 68(10) (2000) and Azaroff's rebuttal "No! to a fifteenth Bravais lattice," Am J Phys 70(2) (2002).
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    Dr Transport

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    Any solid state text book, Tinkham comes to mind as well as Kittel.
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    I haven't seen this proof in any solid state text, including Kittel (unless you mean his more advanced 'Quantum Theory of Solids' - haven't had to pleasure to read this yet). I would think this question is better suited for the mathematicians. Crystallography, although definitely an applied subject today, began as a pure mathematical subject.
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