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Homework Help: Propagator of a eigenstate

  1. Aug 12, 2007 #1
    If you use propagator formalixm to calculate the future time dependence of a state that starts in an eigenstate, what happens?

    The equation for the propagator is

    [tex] K(x, x';t,0) = \sum_n \psi_n^*(x')\psi_n(x)e^{-iE_nt/\hbar [/tex]

    So if we start in an eigenstate does that mean that the summation

    [tex]\sum_n \psi_n^*(x')\psi_n(x)e^{-iE_nt/\hbar [/tex]

    can be rewritten

    [tex]\sum_n \psi_n^*(x')\psi_9(x)e^{-iE_nt/\hbar [/tex]

    say if we started in the eigenstate corresponding to n = 9?
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