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B Propane/air vapor pressure

  1. Feb 11, 2017 #1
    Hello, I am working on a project that involves burning a mixture of propane and air under pressure to propell a projectile.
    This has been done by many people including myself in the past at pre ignition pressures of up to around 10 ATM.
    However I want to take it a step further and attempt a pre ignition pressure of 200 ATM or more.
    This requires me to premix the propane with air in a larger chamber before forcing it into the sealed chamber.

    My question is how the gasses will act under those pressures? I am not much of a chem/physics master myself so I am asking you.
    The propane will probably liquify and separate with the other gasses and lay on the bottom, but will there be any gasous propane for a spark to ignite?
    Also, if all the propane liquifies, will it still be possible to get it burning as there is plenty of oxygen?

    I will just leave it at this now and see if you can make me a little wiser :)
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    Well, although you might be qualified to handle all the ingredients you mentioned (inflammable gases, high pressure, ignitions) - a fact we cannot assess - it is far too dangerous to be debatable here (on the internet). We do not know about your qualification, but even more important, we cannot take responsibility for answers that might serve as a blueprint to other readers. Personally, I strongly recommend to avoid such risks on a non-professional basis. People lost their lives on less.

    Thread closed.
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