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Propecia - have any of you used it?

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    Propecia -- have any of you used it?

    At one time I had insanely thick hair. Over the last 8 months, however, it has thinned like crazy along the front. Not just in the temple area, but in the middle it is thinning as well.

    I have read into some options like rogaine but that seems like a dud. I have heard somewhat sound reviews of propecia but none firsthand (mostly just on websites that I wouldn't trust...but I trust PFers!).

    I've been told to just shave it off completely, continue working out and that my confidence and smile is enough to win over ladies. I would still enjoy to have hair (or whats left), though :cry:

    I figure that at least a couple people on here might have given it a shot and I'd like to hear what you have to say :biggrin:
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    I thought that it was that genetic disorder that makes you age prematurely. :confused:
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    How old are you? If it is suddenly falling out it might be something other than age/heredity. Are you really stressed? If it really worries you go see a dermatologist.
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    I'm 23 this month.

    I saw a doctor and he wrote out a prescription for propecia (he asked me if I wanted it, said sure) but I haven't had it filled yet due to the cost of it and me questioning the results.

    I showed him my hair, explained what I've noticed and he didn't seem all that alarmed about anything.

    As for stress: I'm always stressed, heh.
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    Shave your head? No, no, no. You need to grow what's left really long, then comb it over. And don't forget your sweater with suede elbow patches. :tongue:

    I don't now if any of those things for hair really work. It really depends on the cause of the balding. The best I've really heard is that it slows balding but doesn't reverse it or completely prevent it.

    At least you won't get treated like the youngest "kid" on the job when you're working...that really is a benefit to a guy balding while young, that you get more respect just because you look a bit older and people assume that means more mature too.
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    Spin traps and hair loss

    Research spin-traps. PBN, NtBHA, TEMPO, etc.
    http://groups.google.com/group/alt.baldspot/search?q=proctor&scoring=d [Broken]

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    And you are?

    Anyways, I think working and eating healthy should already be something you're doing.

    It's rumoured that wearing hats doesn't help either. Not sure if that myth is true or not, but sometimes I go through my hat phase for like 4 months every 2 years or so.

    My hair has always been thin and like massively full (lots of hair), but in the last 3 years or so it has slowly created like this M thing on my head. It has stopped as far as I can tell, and I'm turning 23. So, maybe yours will stop too. Who knows.

    How are your older relatives? How's your lifestyle? Answer any questions that may be relevant to why you'd be balding and see what you can do about it.

    PS. Don't EVER do a combover or whatever Moonbear is talking about. That's just not cool. For the record, a guy my age at work is like practically bald already and has no problems getting girls so don't let that put you down or anything.
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