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Proper physical quantity

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    how would you define a proper physical quantity?

    the best things a physicist can offer to another one are information sndf criticism
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    Under which model of reality? QM? SR? Something else?

    For SR, I'd say it must at least be represented by a tensor field of some rank on spacetime.

    For QM, I'd say it'd have to be represented by a Hermitian operator defined on the Hilbert space of states of the system under consideration.
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    special relativity, for beginers!
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    Andrew Mason

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    A proper physical quantity of an object is the quantity (distance, time, mass) measured in the frame of reference that is at rest with respect to the object.

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    proper pjhysical quantity

    Thanks. Is the combination of proper physical quantities a proper physical quantity as well (e.g. the electric field measured in the rest frame of the charges that generates it).
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