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Homework Help: Proper pressure

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    If you applied a force to a 1 foot diameter column of water and wanted to determine the pressure for only 1 inch diameter area of water would you only take the force directly above that 1 inch diameter. Or would the force for 1 inch diameter be the same as the force from the whole area of water.
    I think the pressure is evenly distributed and it will all be the same force for every square inch but my calculations show otherwise.
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    The pressure at the bottom of a static column of water is uniform. More area means more force, because force is pressure multiplied by area:

    F = P * A
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    Force can be applied to a 1-foot diameter column of water,
    but it is peculiar to ask what the Pressure is for a 1-inch diameter Area,
    because Pressure is the Force through a 1-square-inch Area.

    Probably the question wanted you to compute the Pressure for the surface,
    which would be the Force divided by the Area (ie, about F / 110sq.in).
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