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Properties of organic acids.

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    I have some properties of a substance and would like to know if they are considered to be high or low (the substance is ASA)

    - melting point: 136C
    - boiling point: 146C
    - solubility: 1g/100g

    If the solubility is considered to be low, then why is ASA good for the human body? i would think that a high solubility would be more beneficial because it would break up more quickly inside the body and start working to soothe pain.
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    In the case of acetylsalicylic acid (if this is what you mean by ASA), the important property it has is the ability to give up the acetyl group to an enzyme known as cyclo-oxygenase COX). The acetylation of COX prevents it from participating in the production of harmful chemicals known as thromboxanes and prostaglandins.

    Its somewhat low solubility may be a bit of a drawback but I'm not so sure. I don't think 1g/100mL is such a low number, considering it's an aromatic compound. I guess it's not as soluble as, say phenol, but I don't know if this is a terrible drawback or not.

    The melting point is an indicator of the intermolecular bonding, but this information is already contained in the solubility. But for whatever it's worth, a lower melting point means the intermolecular bonding is weaker and so, it's easier to disperse the substance as individual molecules.
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