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Properties of the Multiverse

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    The universal constants are precisely balanced, such, that life could not exist otherwise.

    Now take those finely tuned constants out hundreds, thousands, millions, billions ...trillions of decimal places. Slight, almost infinitesimal differences between the constants of each universe, which are actually resonances of a quantum "multiverse", mean that each resonance is unique.

    http://www.cs.unc.edu/~barman/HT96/P43/pictura.htm [Broken]

    Riemann's cuts are analogous to spatio-temporal holes connecting to an almost exactly identical parallel reality[phase resonance-frequency].

    The question becomes: Do an infinite number of parallel realities exist? or is the number of universes just an astronomically huge quantity? [though still finite]
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    are you and Antonio Lao competing to see who can come up with the highest quantity of outlandish stuff?

    i swear it's something new and crazy sounding with you guys EVERY HOUR :smile:
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    Begin with the axiom:

    The universe is weirder than can be imagined.

    Here is a graph of the normal probability curve:


    The universes with the best probability for life to occur are at, or near, the top of the curve.
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    Dear Russell E. Rierson,

    Maybe we can start by asking: "What is a universe?"

    Can you answer to this question?
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    From the graph of the normal curve, we can see that there are at least two universes exactly alike.

    Also, there are many[millions? billions? ] of universes that are "almost" exactly alike.

    The universes[timelines] begin to diverge more, as the curve diverges.

    The worm-holes or Riemann cuts, connecting the different realities are where realities "overlap" for brief instants.
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    Let us ask it in a different way:

    What are the miminal conditions of something to exist?
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    Show me just one of these other universes
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