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Property of water

  1. May 27, 2007 #1
    When we fill a tumbler( of stainless steel) with water and then invert it ie empty it . The tumbler gets empty except a few drops of water. even if you keep the tumbler inverted for hours the water droplets do not fall down they remain stuck to the walls of the tumbler.
    I hope you all reply soon
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    Hi - you didn't ask any questions there, but the effect you are talking about is surface tension.....
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    I know what surface tension is but is this the only reason for it
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    A little bit more. This phenomenon depends on the contact angle between water and the tumbler material as well. For example, if you test with Hg instead of water, there must be no Hg held in the tumbler any more. The contact angle of Hg against steel is too high.
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