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Proposal #2

  1. Jul 30, 2004 #1
    I occasionally surf the secular forums and it seems to me that a vast majority of the threads are either AB (adolescent banter) or PC (philosophically correct). Most of this majority is AB threads and probably ten percent are PC threads wherein the participants argue over scholastic esoterica.

    There was once a popular TV commercial that displayed an old Indian man traveling down the nation’s waterways teary eyed as he viewed the trash and effluents that were destroying a beautiful nature.

    I felt somewhat like the Old Indian when I observed these forums because I think we waste a valuable opportunity to make it so much better than that.

    I do not propose that we attempt to change the ABs but I do suggest that the PCs could be modified to better channel that displayed talent to a more positive end.

    The purpose for such a change is to advance the intellectual sophistication of our fellow citizens. I would suggest C-SPAN as an example that we might try to emulate. I do not suggest that we emulate any of the techniques or processes of C-SPAN but that we try to be guided by that same purpose. It seems to me that C-SPAN is a shining example of what can be accomplished by one small segment of a giant unenlightened medium.

    We all seem to have a negative angel and a positive angel; our negative angel seems to be our default position. Just for a little while try to corral your negative angel. There will always be many opportunities to stomp on anything positive that might develop. If we start negative our ego will fight any attempt to flip-flop.
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    often annoyance of the AB's could prolly be avoided by reducing the lix count, i.e. being more literal... i, myself, am sick and tired of people flowering quite simple examples and concepts with an endless amount of unneccessary and extravangant words to inflate their egos, without it contributing in any sense to the conversation...
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