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Proposed Schedule

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    I am currently a student at the University of Florida studying chemical engineering and biochemistry with a minor in mathematics and possibly material sciences and sales engineering.

    I made a mock up of my schedule my career goal is to be the head researcher and CEO of a biotech company and I am curious what anyone thinks of my schedule. I am obviously going to pursure graduate work. If you want a course description let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    wow, that's fancy. lol. mine is just this rinky-dink word doc. :redface:

    cgs2425, i've heard, is a LOAD of work towards the end. i signed up for that during summer a (six weeks! :yuck: ), and dropped it the next day--the last two projects were something like 1000 lines of code.

    maa4402 is an awesome class. :cool: especially if you get dr. boyland.

    the biophys class isn't offered all the time, so be on the lookout for that class. (and i heard that it wasn't that great when dr. meisel was teaching it.)

    cool that you're entering school with your first two semesters of calc and chem out of the way, though! :cool:

    and... i don't know what's going on in those last few semesters, but six courses seems like quite a lot.
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    i believe that nusc is saying, "yes, we would like them. we would like them all."
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    Actually no, it was in response to Matt grime's thread regarding academic advice. He insists that students should not gain such advice from this forum because no one on these forums is entitled to ensure course selection due do to the fact that all university courses are taught differently. Although that should be obvious to everyone, in contrast, mathwonk says otherwise since he had bad experience with advisors in the past.

    So it's really upto omagdon7, but don't overload yourself.
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    oh. well, i got your intent wrong then! :redface:

    i happen to go to that school and gave input on classes i know about.
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