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Propulsion Engineering for grad school: Aerospace or Mechanical

  1. Sep 3, 2012 #1
    Hey everyone, so I know aerospace vs mechanical has been discussed to death, but I want your opinion anyway. I'm currently finishing up an ME undergrad degree and am exploring my options for grad school. I have some experience in combustion research and find it worthwhile enough. My interests also lie in the field of space exploration. Thus, propulsion engineering seems to be a good fit between the two and a field I could see myself in.

    My dilemma is that it seems that most combustion/propulsion research is done on the mechanical side, so that makes me think I should stay in mechanical. However, looking at potential courses, I see a lot more on the aerospace side that I would like to take. I realize there's a lot of grey area to work with in there, but should one of those things trump the other in deciding between mechanical and aerospace? Is it reasonable to expect that if I'm an ME at a school that has an aero program, I could still take a lot of those aero courses as part of my masters program?

    Also, I was thinking it might be more difficult to get into a prestigious grad school switching from mech to aero as opposed to sticking with my native mech. Is there any truth to that?

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