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Prospective neural engineer

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    I think I may have entered the wrong undergraduate and need your assistance assessing my situation!

    I am strongly considering entering a career in biomedical engineering, more specifically as a neural engineer. However I now believe that I may have picked a horrible undergraduate program to prepare me for this research intensive field, my program is: http://www.systems.uwaterloo.ca/about/index.html . The program is called systems design engineering and is kind of a holistic approach to engineering, it offers courses across many disciplines of engineering along with systems and design theory.

    The program has excellent faculty and is well established in the university, however it seems to me that it's focus is quite counter to my career goals. I fear that due to its generality and it's lack of disciplined scientific courses I will not be able to develop a sufficient background to be productive in research. Previous syllabus are posted here: http://www.systems.uwaterloo.ca/undergrad/current/degree/core.html

    The program has been successful at turning out engineering scientists before, infact the chair of the computational neuroscience institute at the university is an alumni. However, upon comparing the subject's syllabus to that of programs such as engineering physics (not offered in this university), I have come to believe that the program was more of a hindered than an asset for this individual.

    My final question would be: Do you think I am over looking something in my analysis of the program? How important is specialization at the undergraduate level, if one wants to build research ability? What other words of wisdom can you share for someone in my position?

    ...Thank You!
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